3 comments on “Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Stuff That Should Change

  1. i love aeris but keeping her alive would be one of the dumbest possible things to do.

    i love what you have to say about barret tho and i agree entirely

  2. I totally agree about the script and Barrett especially. Those are sorely in need of updating. Making Aeris not die would be interesting but I’d prefer they not make sweeping story changes. What I’d really like is the same game that just looks and sounds better. I really, really hope they don’t change combat to be anything like what the last games have been.

    Though if they wanted to make it so there’s less chocobo racing needed for the best materia, I’d be cool with that.

    • I get the idea behind not making sweeping story changes, and part of me wants Square to not touch it. But if it came down to mechanics or story being messed around with, I would prefer the story, especially considering all the good (Crisis Core) and bad (Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus) stuff that came after. However, yeah the materia system in general should change, and I think some of the weirdest grind-y stuff like Chocobo racing simply so you can get KotR will actually change. Going mass market in tone will require some of that roundabout oddness get changed.

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