4 comments on “Iwata Returns: The Iwata-ing

  1. Well, even if they had removed Iwata as president nothing would have changed much. The way Japanese companies work is that they tend to promote from within the company instead of from the outside, and the people who would be in position to fill Iwata’s role would have been put in that position by Iwata himself. However, I think Nintendo currently has momentum and it would be a shame to change anything now that Mario Kart 8 and the E3 showing have both been so amazing. The summer drought hits all consoles pretty hard, but at least the Wii U has an impressive library of games to draw from compared to the PS4 and Xbone.

    • They definitely have momentum they didn’t have a year ago, and it seems the shareholders are willing to give Iwata one more year to see how this pans out. I am still a little surprised though, because of the health issue. They must be really confident he will be able to get back to full health and not lose a step once his recovery is done.

      • According to the statement I saw on Neogaf, the growth on his bile duct was found extremely early and successfully removed before it became full blown cancer. If that’s the case, a full recovery shouldn’t be unreasonable. More important to Nintendo than Mr. Iwata’s current health issues is how they handle the momentum they have in the drought of summer.

  2. Yeah, it is important that they keep the games coming in the eyes of the public. The Treehouse Twitch stream done during E3 was a great idea, and it would be a good idea for Nintendo to keep that sort of inside-look stuff going. They have the games coming, but they cannot let us forget that.

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