2 comments on “Nintendo Getting A Crash Course In Equality

  1. This is so neat! Someone should send the memo to Natsume!

    I played my first Harvest Moon game in Summer ’05. I was 13 at the time, and I loved the game, and subsequently the series. But all I ever wanted was to be able to marry someone of the same sex 😦

    I never really felt left out or discriminated against or anything, I just really wish I could have!!

    • Japan as a culture is very conservative on this front. Gay marriage is illegal in Japan, and from what I understand, there really isn’t a huge movement to change things there. It is usually the western developers that are more sensitive to such issues, but Nintendo, simply by virtue of its size in the world market cannot afford to pretend they can sidestep the issue any longer. To that end, I see even less of a chance Natsume would address such an issue in future games. However, if any existing game series from Japan could introduce such a change into their games, Harvest Moon would be the perfect launch pad.

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