3 comments on “Activision Thinks We Need More Tony Hawk

  1. Instead of coming up with new games and ideas, they give you last years game with a new name. With all that money you expect something besides re-runs of the same old garbage. Thx for the post.

    • The disgusting thing is Tony Hawk isn’t even last year’s game. That series was a PS1/PS2 staple, then died in spectacular fashion. It died for a reason, let it stay that way.

      • True, I don’t pay attention to Tony Hawk thou. The games I didn’t have any interest in. Yeah it should stay dead unless they are certain they can make it a lot better. I never hold my breath with Activision. They are old, tired and unimaginative. Maybe some new blood might change things. All I know is they need to do something different before it’s too late.

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