2 comments on “Let’s Talk Nintendo

  1. Great post as always Ray! I have to say this was inevitable because change must happen, and in such volatile times for gaming, Nintendo is going to suffer the most from a video game crash. I find they’re repeating the mistakes other consoles did during the crash of ’88 by sending out games few people want that just don’t improve at all. Your suggestions are just two things that are going to pull Nintendo through this rough patch, but Nintendo are going to have to change their philosophies otherwise they’l go down. Perhaps not now, or two years later, or a decade later, but they will decline to the point where we can expect to see Mario Kart 12 on PS4. Come to think of it, that might not be a bad thing!

    Voted up! Keep up the good work, and if you’ve any more suggestions for Nintendo please let us know! ^^

    • The philosophies are slowly changing. This is especially evident in the fact Nintendo is actively buying shares back owned by the previous President’s family. Iwata was always working in close concert with Yamauchi. Now that is he (unfortunately) long dead, Iwata is finally free of that influence, and shareholder desire will fuel more of the changes coming forth from Nintendo. Eventually shareholders will be revolting over the fact they don’t get games like GTAV and Call of Duty and things will have to change, or Nintendo will at least have to make sure those mainstream possibilities are there. Relying on niche markets may work for companies that publish only games, but if Nintendo has a prayer to continue with hardware, things will need to change.

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