2 comments on “Enlightenment is Unfair

  1. I’ve been thinking about the idea of the whole leveling experience acting as a gateway to the actual game (end game) than the game itself. and it’s looks like Blizzard is shifting towards that gameplay model with all the XP boosts they added since Wrath (Heirlooms, XP buffs, shorter xp requirements to level).

    I think the question is now, “Is it a bad thing?”

  2. I don’t think it is really a bad thing, but the way the game is made, it doesn’t really support it well. Even after the Cataclysm Old World changes, each area has a self-contained story that is often cut way short by heirloom leveling, or the Monk buff, there are way more levels than what is needed to actually learn the class, especially since playstyle really changes in a raid environment compared to leveling PvE.

    The PTR files have also shown that a new item may be coming in the form of microtransactions that grant a double XP buff to any character. This supports the idea that Blizzard is shifting away from the model of a long 1-endgame grind, but really at a point, why have the long, detailed grind at all? Maybe an option that gives someone a max level character, or starts them at say level 85, so they can go through Pandaria and learn. I dunno, it is a weird spot Blizz finds themselves in, and I worry that some of their solutions will create weird problems.

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