3 comments on “Nintendo Direct Round Up: They Have Lost Their Mind Edition

  1. I for one was a fan of Carnival Games XIV: Symphony of the Balloon Darts.

    The Wii U is shaping up to be something worth looking at, for sure. I think after this showcase of new games, I’m convinced to actually buy one. Nintendo made some mistakes, but they also make a lot of good decisions as well. If anyone is worth giving a second look at, it’s them.

    • Agreed. They seem to really have it on the nose this time. They seem to be putting out games that gamers will want to play. Granted, that doesn’t have the same overnight success the Wii did when it first came out, but it leads to longer lasting sales.

      • And longer lasting satisfaction as well, at least in the more hardcore gamer demographics. That might be better off for them since I think the interest in the Wii bottomed out towards the end, and I don’t think they’ll get nearly as many new people checking out this one. I’m glad they’re taking all of their fan’s needs seriously though. Nintendo can rebuild any credibility/sales they lost with enough time and attention.

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