2 comments on “Weapons I Remember: Part Deux

  1. From a game design perspective (which I didn’t have back in the day) you are exactly right about the auto shotgun. In Goldeneye, the amount of damage done by a weapon is based on the type of ammo the weapon uses. As a result, the RCP-90 does the same damage per shot as the PP7. However, the RCP-90’s rate of fire does not make up for it in multiplayer because after being shot the player has a small moment of invincibility. The same is true for Perfect Dark, however there are lots more ammo types and they never explicitly tell you what ammo any specific weapon is using.

    Playing with my friends back in the day we would have a rule that you couldn’t attack someone who didn’t have a weapon (if they don’t attack you) EXCEPT with the Klobb. That was because having a Klobb was considered worse than being unarmed. Getting killed by a Klobb was called “getting klobbered” and it was pretty much the worst thing that could happen to you. It was like being tea bagged before that was a thing.

    • If I remember right, with the Auto Shotgun being the ultimate weapon in Power Weapons Matches, the ammo type for this weapon was actually different. Usually placed near the weapons, you got specific shotgun shells, as opposed to “Ammo”.

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