4 comments on “Changing Mains in WoW

  1. Sort of looks like WoW retooled to pick up one of FF11’s features. That is, any character could be any class but each class levels up separately. That way if I wanted to switch to an ‘alt’ I could do it immediately in any town. All of the unlocked perks like more inventory space or airship access would then be transferred over immediately.

    • It’s kind of like that, but I do prefer the fact each character is separate, unlike FFXI. I still have to log off the Paladin to go play the Priest, which gives it a much better sense of character identity. I do wish WoW had red mages though, crazy hat and all.

      • The only real reason I like that in FF11 was I knew that I would never really run out of character slots. What if I wanted to play a Dragoon? That option was always open. I mean I never did because… Dragoon, but I like keeping my options open.

        That said, in any MMO where the main gameplay seems to be grinding, adding elements to ease that grinding feels a little telling on the part of the developers. It is almost like they are saying, “Look, we know that 90% of our game isn’t fun, so we aren’t going to force you to go through that 90% all that often.” Although there are plenty of MMOs that have tried to reduce grinding, they end up in this really ironic place. DC Universe Online, for instance, used the level up grind purely as a tutorial mechanic to teach you how to play the end game. As a result, people hit the level cap, assumed they “won the game” and then criticized it for being too short. This is a little like getting out of Midgar in FF7, saying, “Well that was a fun adventure of a small terrorist group fighting for the environment and then escaping from the slums into a still verdant world,” then popping out the CD and wondering why they shipped it on 3 discs when the game is only a few hours long.

  2. Some MMO’s are purely grinding, yes, and those games tend to…not be fun. Unless you have OCD or something. WoW’s issue is that it uses grinding as a way to gate the endgame material and give it a longevity that would not be feasible without the grind. However, as it gets to the expansion, the content is being cleared, and many players would maybe want a change of pace; maybe do the content with a different character is a good answer. Easing the grind here allows a lower barrier to entry for people who have done it before, especially with things like the Grand Commendations to help returning players along on their second, or even third reputation grind.

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