2 comments on “FF9’s demise and Bastion.

  1. First, I listened to the Bastion soundtrack recently due to its nomination for a VGA and was interested in playing it.
    Mainly, though, FFIX is definitely the most underrated Final Fantasy that’s out there. Personally, it’s my favorite of all, though.
    It’s funny that people seem to forget that it exists because it has so many memorable characters and moments (the Bahamut vs. Alexander CGI remains one of my favorite scenes of any video game). One of the problems, I imagine, is that it SEEMS childish (they were trying to recapture that old FF spirit; I think the ads had some sort of “the crystal is back” tagline), and there’s a whole slew of FF lovers that jumped on the bandwagon with FFVII and FFVIII, games that have more “modern” characters set in more “modern” environments. Their “modern” design sharply contrasts that of FFIX and people weren’t used to that shift backwards/didn’t appreciate the harkening back as much as Square thought that they would.
    For the record, I do remember the battles being painfully slow, but I think it’s because of the action time of the characters. If they rereleased the game and made the characters move as fast as they do in FFX I would be so pumped, haha.

  2. It does, at least compared to the teenage drama that was FFVIII, seem a bit childish in theme. FFIX that is. But really it’s not. It just deals with the themes in a light-hearted fashion. I am always good with a story that deals with its normally deep themes with a bit of whimsy. I think on the whole though, it is more that I grew out of the older style JRPG way of playing a game. Honestly if I played FFVII or VIII today, I would probably not be a fan.
    Lastly, you’re right, everything in FFIX took forever to do. Everyone had this long attack animation that really bogged down the flow. On top of that, the ATB bar at its fastest setting is abysmally slow.

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